Scientific Look at Raw vs Cooked.

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1.)  An indepth look when considering Raw vs. Cooked.

2.)  More scientific studies behind Raw vs. Cooked.

3.)  David mentions grains pick up more minerals than any other food. Minute 1:39

4.)  Chlorella "Broken Cell Wall"

5.)  Iridology Charts

 Product Review
"I can barely take my eye off your..."

Michael, I can barely take my eyes off your research you have done. I can't understand one thing, why you have the upmost respect to David Wolf.  He is all raw and liquid if he can help it.  I have his book the Sun Diet, it is torture to go through it, very subjective, far I barely finished 1/3 of his s almost torture...I don't think I will be able to read it all.

What's important is that you want to know the truth, not stick behind exactly one method.

Thank you,
Mounir A.

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