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Diet of the Masters.

"He that takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the skills of the physician."
(Chinese proverb)

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 Product Review
"You guessed my dilema..."

Thank You Michael!!! You are an Angel!!! You guessed my dilema on how to get the diet and lifestyle of the sports people.

Thank You, Ildiko from Australia!!!! May God Bless You !!!!

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  • Module 1:  Introduction.

  • Module 2:  A Closer Look at Today's Different Diet Systems.

  • Module 3:  Diets Throughout History.

  • Module 4:  A Look at the Masters Diets.

  • Module 5:  The Basic Essentials.

  • Module 6:  Food Basics 101.

  • Module 7:  Energy Sources, Understanding the good from the bad.

  • Module 8:  Food Combinations and Sequential Eating.

  • Module 9:  Raw vs. Cooked.

  • Module 10:  A Closer Look at Cooking.

  • Module 11:  A New Look at the Basic Food Groups. (Recipe is Here, Follow the Blue Links Until You See "Egypts Ancient Strength.")

  • Module 12:  When to Eat and How Much.

  • Module 13:  The forever Changing Diet.
  • Module 14:  Simple meal plans.

  • Module 15:  How to transition into a healthier diet.

  • Module 16:  Supplements, to take or not to take, that is the question.

  • Module 17:  For Superior Athletes.

  • Module 18:  Quick List.

  • Module 19:  The Mind.

  • Module 20:  Final Words.
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 Product Review
"Helped me solve the puzzle."

Thank you for the wonderful diet information you have put together in video format.  As a big fan of Edgar Cayce, Weston A Price and Dr. Mercola, I have gained tremendous knowledge in methods to restoring my health.  However, at times I was still confused about the big picture in regards to the ideal diet.  Your information has helped me solve the puzzle.  I cannot thank you enough for that!!

Bea T.  

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