Kamut: Pure Flat Bread Method

Here are a few  ways that I prepare Kamut.   Methods below are using 1 cup or 185 grams dry weight of Kamut, this is for one person.  

The Flat Bread method. -  you can prepare it plain, with salt, raisins, even make a pizza or put veggies into it. Keep it simple.
  1. One cup or 185 grams kamut grains dry weight.  Soak it in water for 8-12 hours.  Then you can crush it and cook it from there but I usually sprout it for another day or two until the tail is about ast long as the seed.

  2. Crush it up in grinder or food processor.

  3. Make it as flat as you can on baking paper with hand and rolling pin.

  4. Bake at 175° C (I said 170° C in the video, that was a mistake). or 345° F. for 30 - 40 minutes Depending on your oven.

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This video may seem a bit long because I am explaining each step.  But in reality, once you do this a couple of times, it only takes few minutes.

This flat bread can be torn into smaller peices and used with any type of dip.

You can also spread tomato sauce and other ingredients to make the healthiest pizza in the world!

But I would suggest that you try it plain or with a little salt first, so that you understand its true taste.

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