Some of the most Nutrient Dense Grains and
How to Properly Prepare Them.

In the Essene Gospel of Peace book 4, when talking about sprouted wheat, Jesus said:

“Eat, then, Sons of Light of this most perfect herb from the table of our Earthly
Mother, that your days be long upon the earth, for such finds favor in the eyes of

1.)  New Awarness of Grains and Grasses of the Field.

2.)  Proper Preparations for Maximum Absorbtion and Nutrition.

3.)  Intro to My System.

4.)  How to Prepare With Minimal Effort.

5.)  The most Powerful Grains with Practical Methods:
  • The Staple of Life

  •  Egypts Ancient Strength

  •  Rocket Fuel for Gladiators

  •  China's Oldest Secret

  •  Staples of the Marathon Monks

  •  Celtic Power Grains

  • For a closer look at specific nutrient contents of these grains Click Here

  • Extra info on these grains. Click Here.

6.)  Rotating system of grains and legumes.

7.)  How Not to Waste Nutritious Food.

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Hey man your new course is tight,  I think you did more and a lot better than most of those doctors, thank you so much.

I've tryed  what you've taught and it's amazing, like you said more energy, I don't feel sleepy after a meal, less stuff in my stomach, and I'm NOT HUNGRY, awsome man!

Thank you,
Dilshod U.  TN, USA