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The new intro and #'s 6, 10, 16, 25, 26, and 28-45

First Things First

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Getting Started.

1.  About your Jar
2.  What You Need for the Fastest Pour Off.
3.  Making the MP Contraption.

4.  Set Up for Maximum Efficiency

5.  The First Few Batches

6.  The First Few Batches Part 2

The MP Method Step-by-Step.

 7.  In the Beginning.

 8.  MP Method Step-by-Step

 9.  About Stirring

10.  Separation Before Pouring off Grains.

11.  Changing Jars and Washing Grains

The Different Stages of Fermentation.

12.  When it's Good!

13.  Extra Tips.

14.  When it's too Soon.

15.  When it's too Fermented

16.  Your Formations.

When You Have a Surplus.

17.  What to do with the extras.

18.  Storage

19.  Bringin 'em back.

My 2 Favorite Easy Recipes.

20.  Two Simple Recipes

What Types of Milk to Use.

21.  Part 1

22.  Part 2

23.  Part 3

          24How I Get Mine.

          25.  How You Can Get Yours.

For More than 2 People.

        26.  The Large Dose.

Kefir Pups.

        28.  Too Many Grains.

        29.  Refridgeration.

Personal Tips and Tricks.

       30.  Whey to Good Protien.

       31.  Whey to Good Protien Part 2

Different Ways to Drink It.

                    More on the Grass Factor.

         33.  When Should You Drink It?

         34.  How much should you drink?

Using Kefir Outside the Body

How to Use It Outside of the Body.

                    More about Oxygen.

The Magical Powers.

        36.  About the Magic Powers

          37Setting Up Jars for Magic Powers.

          38.  Balancing the Powers.

          39.  Speeding up the Growth.

          40.  Slowing down the Growth.

          41.  Charging the Grains.

          42. Your N Side.

43.  Final Words on Magic Powers.

                     High Quality Charging.

Bonus Footage.

        44.  1 min. 20 sec. Can You Beat This?

45.  Final Words.

Latest Videos Posted

The new intro and #'s 6, 10, 16, 25, 26, and 28-45

Welcome to the MP Method - Kefir Video Course.

Produced and Hosted by:  Michael-Paul Patterson

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The fastest, easiest, and cleanest way to make real traditional milk kefir.

"Numbers 33, 35 and the link to Aspartame are all live links."

Like Never Seen Before, Guaranteed!

A Step-by-Step Kefir Video Course  Showing You Everything You Need to Know About Making Tradition Kefir Much Faster, Easier and Cleaner.                  

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Real Kefir can be confusing and time consuming unless you have someone showing you how it really works.

You'll learn how to set everything up with minimal effort while gaining maximum results.

Most people stop healthy habits because they are too time consuming.  The kefir Video Course shows how to make one of the most potent health drinks in less than 2 min. a day.

You save money by doing it right the first time and not wasting milk like most people do.

Immediate access to private members area, No time or money wasted on shipping!

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P.S.  Don't be fooled by store bought kefir, it's not the same as making it yourself. Real Kefir consists of living bacteria which need oxgen to breath and be healthy.

P.S.S.  Everything in the store is heated destroying most if not all of the beneficial bacteria.  Packages are also sealed for weeks cutting off the supply of oxygen.  You know what happens when you can't breathe.

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 Product Review
"The Kefir Videos are Invaluable! "

I just ordered your Kefir grains and shortly after that I bought your Kefir video course. I've watched it twice so far and have got myself a jar and have  lined up some good milk.  The Kefir videos are invaluable! I now know when, where, how, what's good, what's not, and what not. The videos will make the whole Kefir learning process a heck of a lot easier and quicker. It's a big time, milk, grain, and money saver!
Excellent work, thanks Michael
                                                             James S.,     New Zealand

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Copyright © 2011 Michael-Paul Patterson LLC.  All Rights Reserved.

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