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The Best Source of Probiotics in Less than 2 Min a Day.

Whether you are a master Kefir Maker or using Kefir Starter or brand new to the knowledge of kefir grains let me show you several things that will simplify your kefir making process.

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The Kefir Video Course,
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    (Please Note: I can ship to all continents around the world except Australia. They will not allow kefir grains to come into their country.)

    Kefir Grains ship out in 1-2 business days.
    Once grains are shipped it usually takes
    about 7-10 business days to arrive.

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    "Kefir is really helping me"

    Hello, I just wanted to say thanks for the kefir grains - less than two months and they are thriving beyond what I imagined. And kefir is really helping me. And I found your e-book very helpful too.

    Thank you,  

    Megan T.
    CO, USA.

    "My energy has came back fully..."


    I just wanted to let you know that now my kefir grains are working good. Also before I purchased these grains from you, I had been so tired for about three months. Probably had chronic fatigue, since I don't use Doctors that was my assumption. After getting the grains up to working order, and getting a good dose of kefir each day, I can now say my energy has came back fully and I have felt so much better! Thanks for the grains and the information that has attributed to my well being. --  

    Paula T.
    GA, USA.

    "I'm very lazy..."

    If I had not ordered the course I never would have kept up with my kefir production since I'm very lazy and get annoyed easily. So many folks here in the US don't know anything about real kefir, people deserve to know about this health tool, and it's very wonderful that you took the time and made a video course that explains in the greatest detail how to manage a home grown kefir crop.. 

    Thank you,

    Jenna K. 
    WA, USA.


    Don't be fooled by store bought Kefir, it is not the same as making it yourself.
    Real Kefirs consist
    of living friendly bacteria which need oxygen to breath and be healthy. Everything in the store
    is heated destroying most if not all of the beneficial bacteria. Also packages are sealed for weeks
    cutting off the supply of oxygen.  And you know what
    happens when you can't breathe.

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