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Kefir Making Process and Real Testimonials

The Best Source of Probiotics in Less than 2 Min a Day.

Kefir Making Process and Real Testimonials from people about how to make kefir products.

Hello, I just wanted to say thanks for the kefir grains - less than two months and they are thriving beyond what I imagined.  And kefir is really helping me. And I found your e-book very helpful too.
Thank you,
Megan T. 

Just a jot to say,  THANK YOU!   my mp kefir is doing exceptional. I didnt want to admit it, but I WAS getting a bit frustrated with all the washing, splattering, transferring.  This is cut my moves in half, and makes the kefir harvesting a joy again.  You're excellent for helping people this way mp!  Breaking my personal kb records weekly , wooo hooo!
Rachel L. 

I recently purchased your video course about making kefir. Thank you very much for the work you put into it. It was very informative.

Luke S. 

That’s cool, I tried the magic powers with the Kefir and I think it tastes so much better, once again great videos MP.

Talk soon man.

"I looked all over the net and found pieces of infromation necessary to make Kefir, but I still lacked a 'real' Kefir making process. The M-P videos gave me exactly what I needed in terms of Kefir knowledge as well as practical, cheap, & quick method that I can use on a daily basis to support my new found Kefir requirements. If you're interested in making your own Kefir don't waste time like I did...just get the videos!

Brendan P. Australia

Hi MP,

I must say the kefir videos that u have made are nothing short of amazing the sound and picture quality is excellent and the content of information on these videos is just what I need.

So for anyone who wants a complete understanding of the art of Kefir making I highly recommend these videos .Perfect for the beginner or the seasoned Kefir maker, by following the instruction

Given you are on your way to making perfect Kefir.


Brent Samyia

I had made kefir before but after following the basic instructions on your vids I am getting a drink that litterary blew me away. Not only was it very tasty but I could actually feel it doing me good during and after drinking it. So I am hooked on this fine superfood now and am looking forward to the long term health benefits it will bring.

Cheers from Bonnie Scotland!

"The videos were excellent!!- very clear and informative, I learned
many useful things I didn't know."
I sent your website link to several people,
including health conscious friends at work....
...I'm usually late on separating out the grains through a strainer,

due to the amount of time it takes, I liked using your method - that was great."

John D.
Kentwood, MI

"Videos are well made and comprehensive. There is nothing like acutally seeing
it done, and they helped give me the confidence to move forward. Very helpful
for the newbie or anyone interested in exploring real kefir. Getting started
is the hardest part, and the videos helped me get over the hump.
Now I make banana smoothies and my kids love it; not to get too graphic but
their poops have stopped stinking! It's really a startling difference.
So it must be doing lots of good things to our insides."

Dean L.

"Without prior experience with kefir, the Video Course provided me with all the
information needed to obtain the supplies - jars, lids - to make kefir in an easy
and fast method (3 minutes tops each time). Also important, I learned what kefir
should look like when it is ready to drink if your fresh grains are received by
mail. It took 3-4 batches for me. No where else will you find as comprehensive a
set of videos for making kefir. Way more helpful than the pages of written
descriptions on the web. Thanks MP."

David S.

"I have never made Kefir before, so by watching these video demonstrations
I quickly gained a much better understanding of the process than I did
from reading written instructions else where on the web. The information
provided in these videos saved me hours of time in doing my own
experiments and gave me the knowledge I need to go at it full steam
ahead, therefore well worth the small fee. Now I'm off to make some kefir.
My intestines can't wait any longer."

David P.
N. Ireland

     Your efforts to share what you have learned is really priceless. I've been eating "healthy" for years and was always turned off by all the clumsy work that went along with most peoples version of making kefir and growing grasses. I just figured I didn't have the typical farmers mentality it required! I was right! But, your methods blow past all the lovemaking of the soil, I have seen and made even getting my   hands dirty a noble aspiration.
     When I can afford it, I will be ordering the cleansing kit. I have tried others with varying degrees of success. I have also done the Master Cleanse (22 days) and several liver/gallbladder cleanses in the past. You are obviously a picture of terrific health. It is truly an inspiration to see one who walks his talk. Because of your precise and wonderful sharing, I can too! Thank you so much for taking the time to share what you have learned in such a detailed way!!
     Well, Ann Wigmore had the answers with her wheatgrass and fermented products, but I knew my personality limitations and aversion to gardening and time constraint. You have taken her labor intensive program and made it feasable for the casual, but proactive practioner of health. You've created a bridge. Keep on bridge building!

Sandi K.  
Utah, USA 

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