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"Kefir Grains, New Member of the Family"

The Best Source of Probiotics in Less than 2 Min a Day.

Whether you are a master Kefir Maker or using Kefir Starter or brand new to the knowledge of kefir grains let me show you several things that will simplify your kefir making process.

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Article 9 - Kefir Grains, A New Member of The Family

Kefir grains.....what are they?
Why do people name them? Talk to them? Love them?
My sister found out about them and wanted to get some. I told her I would find a source and have them sent to her.
I found some on e-bay and had them sent to Donna (my sister). She named them (the ya-ya sisters), fed them and started sending me reports of how they were improving her health. They were growing so fast she begin sharing her extra grains with her friends.
They named their grains and loved and cared for them and the reports keep coming in about the amazing results they are gaining from their friends.
One young girl who was constantly in the emergency room for kidney stones, alergies and other health problems was like a new person when I saw her a couple of months after Kefir joined the family. She had lost weight and looked like a new person.
Her mother says she is healthy now. Kefir is joining families all over this area of western North Carolina and is improving the health of everyone willing to make them a part of their family.
They require some care, but unlike a pet rock they return the favor and will improve the health of anyone who will love and care for them.
My sister has shared her Kefir grains with us and for several months now Crystal has been a member of our family and has been taking good care of us and our friends.
I know I haven't really told you what Kefir grains are, but I will tell you where you can get this and much more information.
There are several newsletters on Kefir where people tell about their experence with it. They share Kefir grains and help newcomers get started.
The most information I have found is Dom's Kefir web site. He covers it from every angle. It's really not necessary to talk to your kefir grains but, just like plants, it sure won't hurt if you do!

Dom's Kefir site Jerry has spent over 25 years in the water treatment business and is now retired. He spends his time seeking alternative health solutions to common health problems. He shares his findings at his blog:

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